Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving means two things here at the Semitough Love Ranchita, food and football. Esposa is already at work in the kitchen baking up the cornbread for the dressing. She uses her grandmother’s recipe, which is much the same as my mother and grandmother used. Crumbled cornbread mixed with crumbled white bread crumbs (what my grandmother, Big Momma, would have called “light bread”). Chopped celery, green onion, poultry seasoning, and a touch of sage. Wet with broth and a couple of eggs, stir and bake.

Yes, we called my grandmother Big Momma. And my grandfather, Daddy Jess. How wretchedly southern redneck is that? Esposa’s grandparents were Momma Dot and Pockie, which is better, but of course her family isn’t a bunch of hicks like mine.

After the cornbread is done we’ll head out for our traditional Thanksgiving Eve meal, Tex-Mex. Nothing like a plate of enchiladas to cleanse the palate and clean out the system in preparation for the big feast tomorrow. After dinner we will probably make a run to the wine store in search of a bottle of Gruner Veltliner to serve with the turkey tomorrow. Friend bigdino, internationally renowned wine connisseur has recommended this as the preferred accompaniment for turkey. Hopefully they’ll have it at our local premium wine shop, AKA Super WalMart.

Esposa will probably start the pies tonight as well. On the menu this year are pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, and Energizer Buddy is lobbying for a fourth pie – coconut/banana cream. We’ll see.

Baby brother Reggie “Flycatcher” McFly is coming over tomorrow. Making the long trek over from CowTown with Niece Lovlee. Been awhile since we’ve seen them even though we only live an hour apart, which is close by Tejas standards. Looking forward to their visit.

And then there is football. The Pokes play the Tampa Bay Bucs in the traditional Thanksgiving Day game at Texas Stadium (AKA temporary home of the Dallas Cowboys). I don’t get out to Cowboy games much, but rest assured that once Cowboys owner J.J. Asswipe moves them out to the Entertainment Capital of the Megametroplex, Arlington, I will never see them again except via boob toob.

The big game of the weekend will be the big showdown between the Fightin’ Texas Aggies and the Longhorns of tu. The game is being played in Austin this year which brings back memories of Thanksgivings past down at Esposa’s parents’ house before they moved to the New Mexican hinterlands. In those days the game was actually played on Thanksgiving Day. We would all bundle up and go down to the steps of the Capitol for Midnight Yell Practice. Then after breakfast the next morning go downtown and watch the Corps of Cadets march in, followed by watching the game either at the inlaws house or buying seats from some 2%’er longhorn “fan” and treking over to Royal Memoyal Stadium to take in the game decked in maroon surrounded by hundreds of very pissed off longhorn “faithful”. 

No local high school playoff games this weekend. Our fearless Wildcats finished out of the money this year and are staying home. But wait till next year, we were playing a lot of sophomores and juniors this season, so we’ll be back in the mix next year.

So anyway, life is good here at the Semitough home. Lots to be thankful for and lots to look forward to. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Tough out.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. phoenix November 23, 2006 / 9:35 am

    Happy Thanksgiving Tough! It sounds like your day will be filled with family, friends, food and plenty of laughter. Stay well!!

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