Mourning Has Broken

Well I’ve shaken my election day funk (although lack of posting was due to travel schedules and not funk-related) and I am actually looking forward to the next two years of leftist leadership. Should provide an endless supply of material for snarky posts and what not. However, time now to move on and get back the the intended mission of this blog which is to document the life and times of Semitough, Suburban Guerilla, and the crew at the Semi-Tough Love Ranch. To that end here are some highlights of upcoming posts:

In this week’s Thursday Thirteen (yes, I’m actually doing one this week so shut up) I will share some of the great places I passed through during last week’s travels across this vast state.

ShidZoo, Canine American, will make a return for a guest blog. If he’ll sit still long enough to sit for a portrait you will even get a look at him in all his terminal cuteness.

Gotta get some mighty fine music updates out there. I’ve been working on a blog about Don Walser who passed away in September. Hope to finish that up in time to post another Two Ton Tuesday next week.

Will also try to preview next week’s big matchup between the longhorns of Texas University at Austin and the Fighting Texas Aggies. The TV talking heads can have their Meechigan vs. tOSU, Horns v. Ags is THE rivalry game of the ages.

Till then, glad you got to see me.

Tough out.


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