Acquiring Signal

For those who are familiar with satellite radio, “Acquiring Signal” is the message your radio displays if you are under a bridge, in a tunnel, or otherwise blocked from your satellite provider.

I can’t call what I’ve been experiencing as “writer’s block”. I have at least a dozen blogs running around in my head and at least a couple of partial drafts that I’ve never been able to finish. All I can say is that I appear to have been stuck in Acquiring Signal mode for the last couple of weeks.

So going into scattershot mode here are some quick thoughts on a few random topics:

Football – The last two weekends have been a mixed bag on the football fronts with our local high school heroes going 0-2 including a stunning homecoming loss and an old fashioned beatdown by the crosstown rivals from the Westside. Oh well, maybe next season.

 Over the same two week stretch the Fightin’ Texas Aggies went 2-0 (Whoop!) including a thrilling overtime victory decided by a blocked extra point in OT and an excellent showing against the Baylor Babtist Bears in Waco. Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas left on the slate. Should be an exciting month for the Aggie football faithful.

The Cowboys are 1-1 over the last two weeks. They’ve switched quarterbacks. Bill Parcells has gone from crusty old coach after the loss to Philly to engaging in tongue kissing his players on the sidelines during last week’s whipping of Carolina. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Homecoming – After all the weeks of preparation, shopping, planning, and drama the homecoming weekend finally came off as a major success (football game excluded) weekend before last. I was concerned that the dance would be anti-climatic for The Princess, but she breathlessly stated that it was “even more fun than she imagined” afterward. Music to a parent’s ears.

Satellite Radio – Loving the Sirius. Have settled in on Buzzsaw Channel 19 as my most listened to, but there is a lot to like on Sirius (Howard Stern excluded). Having the Big 12 football games has been a pleasant bonus as well. Keeps us from depending on our local solar powered AM radio station’s 50 watt signal to catch the Aggie games.

Iowahawk – The hawkster has been working overtime while I’ve been slacking. He’s got rocket powered pickups, project Mag-Neato updates, a new Hoosegow Honey of the Week, video of the Coupe of Justice and blasphemetic postings. He takes on the Aussie imam and his 7th century dress code for girls, pokes a little funny at the New York Times, shares the strategy of the DNC Chair, Howard “Hitman” Dean for the upcoming midterm elections.

For those who have been keenly watching the Northern Koreans and their questing for nuke weapons, forget about those hacks. We should be focusing our concern toward the heartland of America where Iowahawk and his scientific geniuses have fired off a warning shot of their own. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thursday Thirteen – I’ve missed two weeks in a row. Yikes. Guess I have plenty of fodder for this week’s Thirteen Reasons Semitough Is a Total Slacker.

Thanks to all who have commented or emailed encouraging me to post. Hopefully I’ll get back to a more sane schedule. Besides, ShidZoo is bugging me again. Maybe another guest blog from the resident Canine-American in this election week. We’ll see…..

 Tough out!


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