Hat Trick Weekend

A clean sweep this weekend on the gridiron. Local high schoolers overcame Friday’s events and won 16-0 against a very good opponent. Coming off a 3 game losing streak and a quarterback change the Cats did a great job on defense and made good progress on offense.

Fightin’ Texas Aggies played host to the Mizzou Tigers….that is the #19 Mizzou Tigers. The ones with local DFW phenom Chase Daniel at quarterback. Apparently the Ags didn’t get the memo about Missouri being undefeated or Chase Daniel being a football God who had only lost one game in the last 5 years including his four years at the helm of the Carroll High School Dragons from Southlake and his first six games as the signal caller for Mizzou. The Aggie defense (dare I say Wrecking Crew?) shut out the Tigers in the second half, dominated time of possession throughout the game, and made big plays on both sides of the ball when required.

Missouri took a play from Coach Fran’s playbook in the 4th quarter. On 4th and goal from the Aggie five yard line, Missouri lined up for a field goal attempt. As if to give the kicker a better angle, they let the play clock run out and took a 5 yard delay penalty. Again lining up in field goal formation from the 10, they ran an obviously planned fake attempt with the holder running the ball straight up the middle. WTF was that all about? Bottom line…Ags 25 Tigers 19. Welcome to Kyle Field Mr. Daniel.

To complete the weekend, not that this one mattered much or was ever in doubt, the local “professional” team beat their Houston counterparts handily. The only real positive was that Terrell Owens caught three touchdowns which might just shut him up for a few days. Maybe. Although in his postgame comments he modestly pointed out that he, THE Terrell Owens, had “given” Drew Bledsoe some opportunities. Excuse me? I think Owens said it best when he said about himself “I love me some T.O.” Mark my words, this will blow up before the season is over. This guy is a psycho.


One thought on “Hat Trick Weekend

  1. phoenix October 27, 2006 / 8:03 am

    I am not much on professional or college sports… but I do know your posts are missed. Everything ok over there in TX?

     Semitough Sez: All is OK here, thanks for asking. Just not enough hours in the day. We get one back this weekend, maybe I can use it to catch up. 😉

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