Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about Semitough:Back and fully refreshed after a week’s vacation from work (a bit longer from blogging), it is now Thursday and I’m completely worn out from trying to catch up after a week out of the office. However, not to minimize the fun had while off last week, allow me to regale you with 13 things I did last week:1. Went to the State Fair of Texas.

2. Ate a Corny Dog….or two….OK three. Maybe some other treats from the Fried Food Capital of Texas. Fried Coke. That’s right, you heard me, FRIED COKE. Oh….and a funnel cake. With caramel and whipped cream. What? Shut up!

3. Validated the great deal we got on Esposa’s new MegaSUV by checking the sticker on every new 2007 SUV at the Fair’s extensive automobile exhibit. I keep waiting for the dealer to call and say they made a mistake or report it stolen. First time in my life I feel like I actually got a good deal on a new car.

4. Located several potential mid-life crisis cars at the automobile exhibit. But basically it boils down to this one or this one. Although I had a hard time getting my eyes off this one.

5. Called for the immediate firing of Dennis Franchione as head tackle football coach at Texas A&M University after the Texas Tech game.

6. Went to see “School for Scoundrels” with the Energizer Buddy. Of course this was before I knew that the Dallas Morning News had given it a grade of D+. I think they were generous.

7. Bought a homecoming dress for The Princess. Didn’t realize that this single purchase would spawn a MegaMetroPlex-wide search for accoutrement. Necklace? Check. Earrings? Check. Mum? Check. Shoes? Still searching for the perfect shade of brown “strappy” shoes.

8. Did the Wonderword puzzle from start to finish with Energizer Buddy who was then 11. As of today he has now matriculated to the wizened old age of 12. Glad we got that puzzle done before he got too old to sit on the couch with Dad and read the comics.

9. Slept late every day. Oh how sweet it was. Thank you Esposa!

10. Only checked work email twice and only took two work related calls. What a rush. Matter of fact, only sat down at a computer about 5-6 times all week including twice to look up showtimes for Billy Bob Thornton’s worst movie ever.

11. Cleaned the garage. NOT!! Bwahahahahaha. Gotcha.

12. Played Mr. Road Rescue for The Princess when her tire was low.

Me: “Let me go into the store here and see if I can buy a can of Fix-a-flat.”

Her: “Can of what?”

Me: “Fix-a-flat”

Her: <confused look> “Nuh-uh! There’s no such thing as a can of Fix-a-Flat”

Me: “You’re right. You are way too smart for me. I’m going into QuikTrip to see if they have any new tires for sale.

Her: <dead serious> “I don’t think they have tires here.”

Me: “Right. But I’m pretty sure they have Fix-a-flat.

13. Except for the trip downtown for the State Fair, rarely got more than 5 miles from home. What a sweet vacation it was.

PS: For those who have requested vacation pictures. The fair pictures are trapped on The Princess’ camera and can’t be downloaded without her extra-special custom Nikon USB cable which is somewhere in her room. I’m renting a backhoe this weekend to dig for it. Maybe I’ll have some snapshots this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #8

  1. mominprogress October 12, 2006 / 1:58 pm

    Sounds like a great vacation. Too far away from TX but would love to try some of that fried stuff. Though my butt probably wouldn’t recommend it 🙂

    Great T13.

  2. Faerylandmom October 12, 2006 / 2:34 pm

    LOL! What a fun read! You sound like a great dad. As for which mid-life crisis car…I’d go for the Jeep.

    Mine’s up too. Happy T13!

  3. amy October 12, 2006 / 4:45 pm

    I havent been to a fair in years. That sounds fun

  4. phoenix October 12, 2006 / 9:42 pm

    Yep, I vote Jeep… but then I am partial to them. We own two.

    2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport and a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and both are 4×4’s.

    Sounds like a good vacate, cept the work stuff! lol. 🙂

  5. Tracie October 12, 2006 / 11:52 pm

    #2…the reason for going to the fair….the food. Many, many servings of fair food. At least that is why I go!

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