Weekend Wrapup

What a wretched football weekend. Local grid heroes dropped to the crossprairie rival Iggles, 23-10. It wasn’t even that close. Cats scored their last TD with a minute or so left in the game. We heard it from the parking lot. Here’s a tip. When you go to an away game and you’re all marooned out in your school colors, go ahead and drive the extra 30 minutes to eat at a restaurant in your hometown rather than stop at the closest IHOP on the way out. Trust me on this one.

Saturday. A&M vs.  Tech. Heartbreaker. That’s all I’m saying. I still can’t talk about it.

One bright spot Saturday was the Princess team competition. Five teams, all pretty good local teams. Men & women both kicked booty. The Princess scored a lifetime best in her relay event, which they won. Good day.

Sunday, Cowboys beat Titans. Big deal. After Friday and Saturday I was football toast. Didn’t even tune in the local NFL’ers. I’ll say this though, I don’t think we have yet seen the best Vince Young has to offer.


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