Weekend Wrapup

Yawn. More like weekend lite. After last weekend’s football-football-football program, open weeks by the local high school gridders and the Pro gridders left us with nothing but A&M vs. Louisiana Tech. No TV coverage, so we had to listen on the local AM affiliate for the Aggie Radio Network. This station must have a solar powered transmitter because as soon as the sun drops behind the horizon, it’s gone. The game was scheduled to start at 6:00 but a 2 hour weather delay pushed it back to just about sundown. We heard the first 2 minutes then got about every third word after that. <sigh>

 But the weekend was not sports free. We did get the opportunity on Saturday to meet Olympic Gold Medalist, National Champion, and 200m Backstroke world record holder Aaron Peirsol. He was in town to do a clinic for the kids and attended our sports banquet. What a great young man he seems to be. I’ve never seen anyone with quite as much patience as he had with the 200+  swarming kids. He signed autographs and posed for pictures with all comers and gave a great speech to boot. It was pretty cool getting to see a gold medal close up as well.

Esposa and I also did the weekly resupply run up to the UberWalmart which is going lead into a rant here, so if you hate rants, click on right now. I remember a time when the words “excuse me” were meant as a way to excuse oneself when you did something wrong. Step in front of someone, say excuse me. Not watching where you are going and bump into someone, say excuse me. Since when did “excuse me” turn into the equivalent of honking your horn at someone.?

We’re making our way down a crowded aisle. There are people on both sides blocking the way while they pick something up off the shelf. There is someone on the other side of that blockade trying to move through in our direction. And we are waiting patiently on our side for the first opportunity to move through. There is 12-18 inches between the two carts blocking the way. From behind comes this woman trying to move around us with “EXCUSE ME”. WTF? Esposa was priceless. In her very best “teaching kindergartners” voice she says “We’d love to, but we’re trying to get through ourselves.” Which was good because the response on my lips was “Look hadji, I don’t know what the markets are like in Mumbai but that EXCUSE ME sh*t doesn’t work here. Just get your sari ass in line back there and when these fine folks have selected just the right can of green beans, clearly it is a crucial decision in that it is being made with such care and consideration and can’t be rushed. Sooner or later they will pick a can and move along you’ll be the first to know. Actually you’ll be the second to know because we were waiting IN FRONT of you and will remain so or I will grab a can of whoopass off the shelfs and open it up all over you right here in Aisle 5 of the UberWalmart.”

Thank God for the Esposa who continues to keep me out of such trouble with her calm gentle (go eff yourself behind a smile) responses to such rudeness. Once again for those who dislike blogrants…..excuse me.


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