Weekend Wrapup

Let’s see. Friday night, football. Saturday night, football, Sunday night football. Somewhere in there we slipped in a trip to the Uber Walmart for provisions and oh yeah…bought a new car. The Semitough Mega SUV was getting long in the tooth so we went out and bought another of the same ilk. Esposa of course will drive the shiny new and I will take over stewardship of the MiniSUV Express.

The biggest disappointment so far is that I can’t install my XM radio in the MiniSUV due to lack of a cassette deck. Investigating finding another type of FM modulator, but it may force the replacement of my current SkyFi unit (which I love) with one of the newer types (which I hate). If XM can’t make my current unit work with my “new” ride I may just switch to Sirius or cancel altogether. If the latter, I’m really going to miss XM.

It appears as if The Princess may be moving on. After a Westsider sighting at the football game on Friday night and a semi-comical confrontation in traffic on Saturday he’s proved her right in her decision to kick his whiny ass to the curb. She has now met and is in negotiations with what she describes as a “total hottie”. Dear God, please help me.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrapup

  1. The Princess September 17, 2006 / 10:06 pm

    heyyy. he is a total hottie. im serious. lol

    Semitough sez: <fingers in my ears> La la la la la. I can’t hear you. La la la la la

  2. phoenix September 18, 2006 / 6:47 am

    HEY! Total hotties should be excused from fatherly rolling of eyes!

    You go Princess! 🙂

    Semitough sez: As a father Semitough reserves the right to rolling of eyes at hisownself’s discretion. It’s one of the few privileges he has left.

  3. phoenix September 18, 2006 / 10:57 am

    I understand but can’t help a bit of my own rolling of eyes and a lot of giggling at your major discomfort on the subject of princess-ly dating 😛

    Semitough sez: I’m saving this comment for when your youngun starts dating. Don’t be surprised to see it again. 😛

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