Monday Morning Quarterback

Now that football is in full swing I thought I’d post a new feature on Mondays recapping the Semitough view on the weekend’s activities. This weekend came close to being a perfect football weekend. First the local Wildcat gridders cleaned up on Friday night. Then the Aggies won and the Longhorns lost on Saturday. All that stood in the way was the Jaxonville Jagwires and we were home free. Pull the couch into the yard and light it up Buckeye style. But alas, the Cowboys started off on the same note they’ve been sounding for the last 10 years or so…semi-total suckage. With that recap, here are comments on selected games:

Fighting Texas Aggies 51 Not-so-Ragin’ Cajuns 7

One of the local sports writers made the snarky observation that Coach Fran would be coming out with a self-help book titled “How to Schedule Your Way to Success.” There’s some truth in that. Opening the season with the likes of The Citadel, Ooh La La (University of Louisiana-Lafayette), Army, and LaTech is probably a bit much. But if you’re trying to build a program back up this is what coaches do. If you’re Mack Brown over at tu you can afford to schedule THE Ohio State as a non-con opponent (or maybe not), but even Coach Mack started out with a tune up against poor University of North Texas. So let’s see how Fran’s plan works this year, because if it doesn’t there won’t be a next.

THE Ohio State University 24 texas university 7

Does anyone out there really think Colt McCoy is the answer at QB for the horns? They showed a close up of him on the field during the game, and I mean early in the game before it got out of hand, and he looked lost. Two words immediately jumped unbidden into the forefront of my mind – Major Applewhite. If Colt is the best of the best to lead the horn nation for the next 4 years then Mack better take that next pro job when it’s offered. There won’t be much left when this reign is over. I mean the longhorn “faithful” only gave DK Royal six years of non-success and he won THREE national championships. Of course a single loss to the Buckeyes should not be construed as the end of an era. The good thing about this loss is that it was early and to the current No. 1 team. There’s still a lot of season to play, the horns shouldn’t fall below # 5 or #6 and there’s still room to bubble back to the top should any of the other top 5 slip. But look for the alumni to get restless should the horns falter too much this season.

Update: As I typed this the new polls were released. Texas drops to 8th in the AP. Ouch!

University of North Texas 24 Southern Methodist 6

The legacy of Bobby Collins continues to haunt SMU. Almost twenty years after receiving the so-called “Death Penalty”, SMU continues to struggle. I’m not saying that SMU didn’t cheat. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been punished. But to reduce a top tier team like SMU to the heap of smoking rubble that it continues to be today is overkill. The clock is ticking on Phil Bennett.

Colorado 10 Colorado State 14

I’m still scratching my head over this one. The once mighty Buffaloes are 0-2 after losses to Montana State (that’s division I-AA Montana State) and now to in-state rival Colorado State? I wonder if Neuheisel picked that one? Former Neuheisel coached teams really stunk up the grid this weekend with his Huskies getting pounded 37-20 by a much weakened Oklahoma team.

Iowa 20 Syracuse 13

I only saw the final few plays of the second OT of this game, but what a defensive stand by the Hawkeyes. Amazing. Syracuse has 1st and goal to go from the one as a result of an interference penalty in the end zone and the Hawks hold. Of course they dropped two spots in the polls playing so close to unranked Syracuse, but an outstanding win nonetheless.

Next week’s preview:

The Wildcat high schoolers get their first real test of the season with a game against one of the local perennial powerhouses in their home opener. Should be an interesting game. Prediction: Wildcats 27 Cowboys 24

The Aggies have another patsy lined up in Army. The game is technically a home game, but is being played in San Antonio at the Alamodome. Should be plenty of khaki and olive drab on display as San Antonio is a big army town and I’m sure there will be a bunch make the trip south from Ft. Hood as well. Could end up with a pretty large Army contingent. One thing for certain though, the Aggie Band will win halftime. Prediction: Aggies 45 Army 10

The longhorn varsity travels to Houston for a matchup with C-USA patsy Rice. The Owls are 0-2 losing to crosstown rival Cougar High (U of Houston) and UCLA. Although they managed to stay in the stadium for both losses, the horns will come out swinging for this matchup. I smell blood in the water. Prediction: Texas 42 Rice 17.

The Sooner Nation travels out west to match up with the mighty Ducks of Oregon. This UO vs. OU matchup will be interesting. Oregon is 2-0 after whupping Stanford and squeaking past Fresno St. Oklahome is 2-0 after squeaking by UAB and handling Washington. This could be the game to watch this weekend. Prediction: Ducks 31 Sooners 24

The Cowboys come back home this week to take on their NFC East archrival, the Warshington Redskins. Pokes haven’t beaten the Skins since 2004. Warshington was 10-6 last year and made the playoffs while your Dallas Cowboys went 9-7 and stayed home. The Cowboys will do everything possible to avoid going 0-2 but I just don’t think they’ll have enough. Prediction: Pokes 13 Skins 24


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