Weekend Wrapup

Well the weekend is not officially over yet, but we are definitely back into full guerrilla mode. As I type this Esposa is drawing up the battle plans (aka grocery list) for the weekly Super Walmart sortie to pack in supplies for the coming abbreviated week. Based a quick review of the bloated budget of this weekend’s conquest of College Station, we’ll be eating at home this week.

The mission kicked off well, with the MegaBus SUV stepping off right on time Friday afternoon. Leaving the Greater MultiJurisdictionalMegaMetroplex at 5:00 pm on a holiday weekend might seem like insanity to some, but thanks to Semitough’s impeccable planning we were clear of the southern border in a reasonable amount of time.

The trip went very well until we pulled into the planned bivouac area just across the city limits into Bryan. Football weekends tend to make finding hotel rooms a challenge. Esposa booked this one late on some website which must have been called “verycheapanddirtyhotels.com”. The first clue should have been when we saw a parking lot full of construction type workers sitting on buckets and drinking 40’s out of paper bags, but being enlightened and not prone to stereotyping, we charged forward. Check in was quick and easy, given the total lack of anyone else staying at this hotel (aka Clue #2). We were directed to our room in the “Courtyard” area, grabbed our keys and were off.

To make a long story short, we traversed the parking lot with all of the eyeing and jeering from the construction crew who were very appreciative of the female contingent of our crew (clue #3), we climbed the dark staircase (clue #4), traversed the even darker hallway (clue #5), made it past the prostitutes (clue #6), and were able to get past the drug dealers (clue #7) without mishap and found our “room”. The “Courtyard” turned out to be a darkened dirt strip between the hotel and a the brick side wall of the building next door. (clue #8) It took us about 30 seconds (on top of the aforementioned clues. don’t let it be said we didn’t give the place a fair shake) to decide to leave. We called the local Hilton, figuring that at $300 per night they would be sure to have rooms – we were right, and quicker than you can say cha-ching $$, we were off.

As far as America’s Best Value Inn & Suites in Bryan, Texas is concerned, they kept my money. Guess they are used to renting their rooms by the minute/hour. If you ever find yourself in need of a hotel room please be aware that America’s Best Value Inn & Suites is a stinking shithole and unless you are looking to get laid (for money) or get high (for money) or just like to hang around a bunch of hooting & hollering lowlifes drinking 40’s of Colt 45 and smoking weed you probably should keep moving. I would sleep under a bridge before I’d set foot in an America’s Best Value Inn & Suites. [Consider this the opening shot in my war with this hotel chain.]

We made it the hotel exchange in time to make it over to Midnight Yell which was awesome. 20,000 people at midnight packed into Kyle Field. That my friends is the Spirit of Aggieland. Of course by the time we got back to the car there was no opportunity to find legal cold beer anywhere so we called the mission for the night.

Saturday was the usual attack on all of the Ag-o-bilia dealers in town. T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops for all. Everyone cleaned up pretty good. We all have enough maroon & white to wear for the year now. Then it was time for the Dixie Chicken. We spent a couple of hours shooting pool, eating saltines & summer sausage, and drinking ice cold Shiner Bock. I would have prefered to stay longer, but to avoid mutiny we left and walked over to the stadium for the pregame festivities, with one last stop at the bookstore to buy last minute Ag-o-bilia….cha ching.

The game was great and I am just not articulate enough to adequately put into words just exactly how fantastic the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band truly is. Suffice it to say that Semitough had goosebumps as we watched them march in and even more watching them at halftime.

As I became reaquainted with the multitudes of Aggie traditions, from the ubiquitous “Howdy!” to the habit of removing your hat before entering the Memorial Students Center (built as a memorial to Aggies who have fallen in battle) I was reminded of a saying “From the outside you can’t understand it, from the inside you can’t explain it.” And that pretty well sums up the Texas A&M experience. Words like pride, spirit, dedication and patriotism are more than words here.

In an earlier post I bemoaned the fate of future generations and how difficult it will be to live up to the example of those like my father and uncle who put it all on the line. I am now much more hopeful. If you need to restore your faith in future generations, make a visit to College Station and spend some time on the campus of Texas A&M. The future is going to be just fine, thank you very much.

PS – digital camera failure (it was in the truck) required the use of old school photographic technology. Pics will follow as soon as they have been developed.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrapup

  1. phoenix September 4, 2006 / 3:27 pm

    Ahhh, football. The bane of many a spouses existence. I am now a football mom and as such, I can no longer try to ignore that the game exists. 🙂 Glad you all had a great time. Football or not, family time is the best time.

  2. Lou September 8, 2006 / 7:40 am

    I came to your blog from Michael Fay’s blog. You got a great blog going. I grew up on anything and everything Aggie although I did not get to attend A&M myself. Family reunions were held at A&M games. This year starts a new generation of Aggies for our family many of whom will be at the A&M vs West Point game in San Antonio. I understand the “Texas A&M experience”. Gig’em!

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