H2Oh my G*d is that the water bill?!?

So we got rain this weekend. Good soaking rain. And the temperatures have dropped significantly, the string of 100+ degree days broken…perhaps for the year. So I’m feeling pretty good about it. Until yesterday when the water bill came.

Now let me back up just a bit. We’ve been under Stage 3 water restrictions all summer. The rainfall deficit is now measured in feet instead of inches. Local water supply reservoirs are very low. I get the need to save water and here at the Semitough Love Ranch have done our best to comply. I have ceded the lawn to the heat and have adjusted to, if not happily so, to the palette of yellows and browns that have replaced the verdant green bermuda that was my yard.

Back to the bill. I look at the summary and we’ve apparently used significantly more water this billing cycle than we did last year during the same period. Wudafxup with that?!? I have diligently adhered to the one day a week watering cycle as opposed to the 4 days per week last summer. My lawn is evidence of my cooperation. There have been no significant changes to our consumption pattern. No new pool (much to Esposa’s chagrine). No car washing (both the Toughmobile MegaSUV and the Esposa MiniExpress are white and don’t show dirt anyway…at least that’s what I like to think). Too hot for long hot showers.

I’m flummoxed. Maybe I need to think about locking down the outdoor faucets. The only explanation I can think of is water rustlers.

Get a rope.


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