Two Ton Tuesday

Two Tons of Steel

Was looking for a subject for a Tuesday post and came across this great video over at Youtube (which at this point does not support WordPress). The video was filmed at Gruene Hall (pronounced “Green”), Texas’ oldest dance hall which I mentioned in last week’s Thursday Thirteen.

The band is called “Two Tons of Steel” and they have a great Buck Owens, Bakersfield rockabilly sound on this cut. They have a traditional sound, one that front man Kevin Geil describes as “countybilly”. The band is based in San Antonio and plays Gruene Hall, The Broken Spoke in Austin, and other local venues along with various national and international gigs. Love their sound and hope to catch them next time they are close by.

The video itself shows quite a bit of both the interior and exterior of Gruene Hall including the water tower out back. Gruene sits on the Guadalupe River and is now a popular tourist stop for those tubing/rafting the river, antique shoppers, and wine tasters.

But back to the music… Two Tons is on the Palo Duro Records label and their latest album was produced by the great steel guitarist, Lloyd Maines. Palo Duro has a wonderful list of artists including the Derailers (Cold Beer, Hot Women and Cool Country Music, Bar Exam) and Ed Burleson who was produced by the late great Doug Sahm. If you get a chance head over Ed’s site and get yourself some real Texas Twang ™ off of his latest album “The Cold Hard Truth”. Sweet. According to Chris Morris of Billboard Ed is hard country in the old style of … Buck Owens, Ray Price (and) Johnny Bush.”

High praise indeed.

Update: Thanks to Rob at Blog of the Day for his kind comments. Check it out. I’m the blog of the day!


3 thoughts on “Two Ton Tuesday

  1. semitough August 29, 2006 / 9:43 pm

    Thanks Rob. Glad you enjoyed it. If there’s anything I love more than cool country music it’s kudos! 😉 Tough Out.

  2. Rob August 30, 2006 / 6:15 pm

    You’re welcome. If there’s anything I love more than kudos, it’s kudos being appreciated.


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