Weekend Wrapup

Another weekend in the suburban jungle. Sometimes the most difficult thing about the guerrilla lifestyle is the boredom. This time of year we’ve survived the whole back to school battle with the associated skirmishes to get the little guerrillas clothed, feet properly adorned with the latest Shox, school supplies bought, rebought, and then bought again. I’m not sure why they publish a school supply list before school starts. We were forced back to the battlefield at least three times to pick up additional class specific items not on the original list. Thank the guerrilla gods for Walgreen’s. It’s close, it’s open 24 X 7, nobody shops there but me, and they have a great selection of snacks for peckish guerrilla shoppers.

But now that the thrill of the back to school hunt is over, pretty much down to the basic resupply missions, policing the trailer and trailer park area, that sort of thing.

The Princess deployed early this weekend, hitting the high school varsity tackle football scrimmage, spending the night with a friend, and then going paintballing with her team on Saturday. In all it was a full 24 hour deployment. I guess I should get used to it. She’s only here for two more years before she deploys full time to the institute of higher learning of her choice. Hope I’m ready for that.

Esposa has decided to have a midlife crisis, so we went out and shopped for her a convertible this weekend. Nominees so far are the Chrysler Sebring, Toyota Solara, and a late entrant, the Pontiac G6. The G6 is new and has one of those folding up hardtop roofs. They look pretty sweet but the lid takes up pretty much all the trunk space. Guess we’ll have to see how it all works out on the balance sheet. Me? I could live without a trunk. But I’m sitting this one out. Esposa’s choice all the way this time.

No direct movie reports this weekend although the kids did go to see “Accepted”. Guerrilla Mini reviews were mixed

Teen: Stupid
Tween: Funny

Gotta work with those two on their vocabulary. Bottom line, only one tough up for “Accepted”.


One thought on “Weekend Wrapup

  1. phoenix August 28, 2006 / 10:31 am

    Your teen and tween sound alot like me and youngin… this is a good thing? LOL!

    What is funny to him is “I am not watching that” to me. Thank the movie gods that we both love action adventures and sci-fi… but where I will watch certain flicks over and over to get what I missed the first ten times… he is done with it after twice watched. Oh well.. can’t have everything!

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