As the Alvin Crow Flies

Alvin Crow Originally uploaded by amusitographer.

I first heard Alvin Crow and the Pleasant Valley Boys during the Austin Aquafest in 1989. Mi Esposa and I were either not quite married or newly married and she took me to Austin to introduce me to the Austin culture scene.

Before SXSW, there was Aquafest. It was a big ole honking two week party in Zilker Park on the banks of Town Lake with music and boat races and all sorts of redneck friendly activities (no tractor pulls, but that’s another post). Esposa had been volunteering at Aquafest for umpteen years and she drug me along to help do of all things….sell beer! So we were working at one of the busier beer stands in the park and what with the heat and me selling lots and lots of beer, I thought it was time to take a break and sample the wares. So I grabbed a smokin’ cold can of Red, White & Blue beer and went to find some shade.

I spied some chairs in the shade over near one of the smaller performance areas and headed that way. As I drew near the stage I began to hear Mr. Alvin Crow playing the fiddle. the song was an old Faron Young tune, “Wine Me Up”. As I sat there the band broke into song after song, either western swing or traditional country. Alvin on the fiddle and a smokin’ steel guitar player…I think his name was Don. This was the country music I grew up on, the kind my parents made me listen to. It was amazing and I’ve been a big Alvin Crow fan ever since.

Esposa and I have been to see him at Gruene Hall, The White Elephant Saloon in the Ft. Worth Stockyards, and of course at the legendary Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas on several occasions including one New Year’s Eve several years ago. We sat at the table next to the late great Doug Sahm of Texas Tornadoes and Sir Douglas Quintet fame.

Thanks to amusitographer and for bringing back that great memory.


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